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Are you getting lost in the volunteers organization for your event ?

Our tool takes care of making your job easier.

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Less Work

By delegating tasks to team leaders, you no longer have to handle everything yourself, each team can be set up independently.

When assigning a volunteer to a position, his availability is automatically checked, there are no more risks of errors!

Quick Contacts

Whether it is to set up a preparatory meeting, or for a last minute information before the event, you can send an email in just two clicks to the volunteers group you want:

  • Assigned to a specific position
  • Assigned to a given team
  • All volunteers
  • All team managers

Accessible from Anywhere

No software installation is required, you can access your data from any browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Volunteers easily check their assignments at any time without having to call the team supervisor. This autonomy reduces the workload of each manager.

A Great View Of The Whole

The general view of the teams allows you to know the filling rate of each of them to have direct access to those who are not yet completely in place.

The "Logs" tab lets you follow the latest changes made by other supervisors.



Organization in Teams and Positions

Teams are used to distribute organizational work between the various officials, who may have access to only one team for example.

Each team is divided into positions, which may correspond to a daily or geographical division of the team for example.

Smart Filling of Positions

The number of volunteers required for a given position usually varies depending on the time of day. A restaurant post for example may require more volunteers from 12pm to 2pm than from 2pm to 6pm.

By defining the volunteer requirements on an hourly basis, you get a very accurate table, which you can fill by picking among available volunteers.



Sort Among Volunteers

After confirming volunteers registrations, you can easily see those who wish to take part in a team, those who have not been affected anywhere, and easily contact them.

Access To All The Volunteer Data

You find on the volunteer page the list of teams to which he would like to participate, his availability slots and the positions to which he is assigned.


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